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Tools for Sale

As part of settling my father’s estate, I have to move his machine shop. I simply can’t move it all and am selling a large portion of his tools. I held a similar sale of tools in September; this is the second and final sale.

Call Kenneth at 512-587-9299 for more information.


  • Saturday November 17 - 9AM-5PM
  • Sunday November 18 - 9AM-noon


The workshop is located immediately east of 720 West Sallier St.

I have the following tools for sale in Lake Charles, near St. Patrick’s Hospital. Photos of the tools can be seen at

2 Norton 10" x 1" x 1.5" grinding wheels: coarse + very coarse. 
Bucket 1/2" ogee washers (about 40), misc. other H.D. galvanized fasteners 
3 ton hydraulic press with accessories 
Skil Model 77 7-1/4" wormdrive circular saw 
Milwaukee 0101 hand drill 
Ingersoll Rand random orbital polisher 
New/unused dual piston straight line air sander 
Milwaukee Pneumatic air grinder 
Oberdorfer sump pump, bronze impeller/housing, stainless steel bell.  Model 3421001414. ?? GPM 
Bosch rotary hammer drill Model 11236VS 
Electric motor - Westinghouse 3/4 hp, 220/440v, 1725 rpm, 5/8" shaft 
Electric motor - American Electric Motors 1 hp, 115/230v, 3000/3600 rpm, 50/60 hz. 
Electric motor - GE 1/2 hp, 115/230v, 1725 rpm 
1" EMT bender 
Maruhachi (Japan) Arbor press - 3 ton 
1/2" EMT bender 
Storm UV45 hydraulic press 
Crain CR-13-T Leveling Rod 
Copper tubing bender 
Millers Falls Langdon Acme Miter Box and Saw 
Rockwell 34-485 Sliding Table Attachment (new/unused) for 10" Unisaw 
Geared head mill/drill.  Taiwanese clone of Swedish Arboga. Includes DRO. 
Rockwell Delta 14" metal/wood band saw Model 28-3CO, does NOT include motor/stand. 
Prarie G7 10" wet grinder, stand, 3/4hp motor 
Hewlett Packard 24U Server Rack 
Baldor Grinder Model 626E with exhaust and stand 
Black and Decker 14" abrasive chop saw 
Black and Decker 12" abrasive cutoff saw 
Black and Decker portable 5" grinder 
Fireproof trash can 
Vintage woodworking tools 
4 drawer filing cabinet 
Lincoln SAE 200 motor generator welder (220v 3phase) 
Craftsman "Alien" 6" planer model 103.1801 
#1 extension ladder 
#2 extension ladder 
6" x 36" copper pipe, 1/8" wall
5" x 36" copper pipe, 1/4" wall
24U Hewlett Packard "Rack System U" Server Rack with doors, sides, foot.
Fishing rods
Taps and dies
Gasboy Dual Vacuum 300 transfer pump with 55 gallon drum adapter
36" attic / whole house fan
Welding rods
6 1x10 6' #1 Fir
4 1x7 6' #1 Fir
Koshin SB-20 transfer pump with 55 gallon drum adapter
Two dremel tools with cases and accessories
Vintage fire extinguishers
Simplex screw jack 1-1/2" x 12 - 16"
Simplex screw jack 1-3/4" x 10 - 14"
Victor cutting torches and tips
Assorted wrenches and socket sets