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St. Augustine Weeds

Notes About Weeds

Since I seem to fight with weeds regularly, I decided to make some notes to keep from repeating my research.

Weed Identification

It is amazingly hard to find good photos of weeds on the net. While it's easy to find super HD images of a Kardashian ass, weed people seem to be on an austerity budget when it comes to pixels. Most photos seem to be VGA resolution taken from fifteen feet away, and they are often blurry. I have found a few sites with mostly decent images. Here they are:

Very good images, many are high-res. Difficult to browse, as one has to scroll through names and click on a name to see a photo. Not handy if one is trying to ID a weed. However, if you know the name, or have a few possible names, this may help with a definitive ID. Includes discussion of treatment.

Lots of photos. Organized by name. Difficult to browse. Say they will ID a weed if you send photo.

Search weeds by appearance or region. Click on region to see photos of all weeds, which can be scrolled through. Pictures aren't great, but aren't bad either. Look through photos, find a possible name, if necessary, go to one of above sites for better photos.

Plant images, not just weeds. Search by name or part of name. Very large number of plants. Photos aren't great, but still a good tool in identifying a weed.

Weed Images

A collection of my weeds that I believe I have correctly identified.

Carolina Geranium

/images/western/lawn/weeds/carolina-geranium-1.thumbnail.jpg /images/western/lawn/weeds/carolina-geranium-2.thumbnail.jpg

Catchweed Bedstraw

/images/western/lawn/weeds/catchweed-bedstraw-1.thumbnail.jpg /images/western/lawn/weeds/catchweed-bedstraw-2.thumbnail.jpg

Ground Ivy

This is more properly known as Creeping Charlie. Apparently Ground Ivy covers a number of different plants.

/images/western/lawn/weeds/ground-ivy-1.thumbnail.jpg /images/western/lawn/weeds/ground-ivy-2.thumbnail.jpg


/images/western/lawn/weeds/henbit-1.thumbnail.jpg /images/western/lawn/weeds/henbit-2.thumbnail.jpg

Hop Clover

/images/western/lawn/weeds/hop-clover-1.thumbnail.jpg /images/western/lawn/weeds/hop-clover-2.thumbnail.jpg

Wild Violet

/images/western/lawn/weeds/wild-violet-1.thumbnail.jpg /images/western/lawn/weeds/wild-violet-2.thumbnail.jpg

Oxalis Crassipes