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Print an Agenda from the OS-X Calendar

I have no idea what Apple has to make it so difficult to simply print a list of scheduled appointments from a calendar. Do some googling - you'll quickly figure out that a simple and acceptable way really doesn't exist. For example, if one simply does a Print->Scheduled Events for the next six months, Apple kindly prints an entry for every single day over the next six months, whether or not the day has an appointment. I don't want to print ten pages simply to get a list of the five appointments in the next six months that I have on a particular calendar.

Environment: OS-X Yosemite 10.10.3, Calendar 8.0 (2034.9).

Here is a nearly acceptable solution, providing that you don't have too many appointments.

  1. View only the calendar(s) you wish to work with by unchecking all of the others.

  2. Manually (yes, manually) select all of the appointments you are interested in. This is a pain and it's certainly error-prone. For example:

    1. Start on today in month view.
    2. ⌘-click on each appointment you wish to print, which adds each appointment to the current selection.
    3. Go to the next month, repeat step B.
    1. Continue until you've gone through all the months of interest.
  3. While all of the desired appointments are selected, either type ⌘-P or choose the File->Print menu option on the Calendar menu.

  4. In the print menu, select View->Selected Events. All of the events you selected should appear in the preview window.

  5. I chose to uncheck Mini calendar as it is inaccurate if your events cover more than two non-contiguous months.

  6. Click Continue. Then save as a PDF, print, or ...

Fifteen to twenty appointments will fit on a single page.

This is a bit of a pain, but it's the only way I've found to get a reasonable agenda out of Calendar. This is ridiculous.