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Old notes2.html

Old notes taken from notes2.html.
Description URL
open source python books
rest client for python
rest client for python
rest client for python
satchmo check processing payment module
charts for django data
google hosted libraries, jquery
cool javascript chart/graph package
django restructuredtex editor and previewer
efficient concurrent python
pdf reader implemented in javascript
python tree-like dictionary
send text messages over gif images in browsers
django performance profiling
django profiling middleware
django profiling middleware
python shell process interface
google routing app for ios6 iphone e maps
mind mapping software
use mind maps for storing programmer knowledge/hints
python webserver fuzzer
good presentation wtih python tips
interesting site on ancient greek writings/books
calcasieu parish bible records
Big Woods cemetery with lots of Easts buried there
yslow analyze web page performance using yahoo guidelines
web page performance analysis
javascript vector graphics support raphael
color blindiness simulator for any web page
Casper -- navigation scripting and testing utility for phantomjs javascript
using emacs with xcode for ios development
LLJS low level javascript / bastard child of Javascript and C
Book - Advanced Linux Programming
make your web browser a web server
jquery terminal emulator command line
stainless steel barrel smoker
nodebox python create 2d visuals export as pdf or quicktime movie
pattern -- web mining module for python, natural language processing nlp
react php gifsocket -- realtime communications via gif images
spin.js javascript spinner
javascript modal dialog jquery
javascript collapsible menu
javascript image carousel
absolutely phenomenal html/javascript/css framework. use this in the next project. bootstrap.
very neat personal site builder
enchroma color blind test glasses
relay in a box - neat packaged NO/NC relay 12v/110v/220v
good tools place
CommonCrawl open web crawl data - up to date - 3.4B records
jquery slider plugin
zurb lots of free html/css/jquery tools, icons, code, etc.
zurb web front-end
django-tastypie create rest api for django backend
javascript client side templating
simple css grid system
the I know series about what you can learn about someones web browsing
xkcd graphs in javascript
sitepoint good html/css/javascript reference site
expose online devices
expose online devices
neat site with javascript security info, clickjacking, cross-domain, info. etc.
physics of baseball 5000fps clips
typeset css
dial-a-threat very nice backlit acrylic sign
guerilla guide to CNC - phenomenal
Rob Pike intro -- good example for personal bio
nicely done reST examples
django 1.4 setup example
django-markup-tags rest template tags instead of filters
django REST framework - looks much better/nicer than Pison
fluid ui - mobile framework prototyper
web design trends
3d periodic table
environment maps
your screencam to ascii video
django-newsletter 2
django-newsletter 3
free online technical books
webscript - just choose a URL and invoke a script
Django REST framework 2
EXEC - book housecleaning online
interesting command line tools, including ngrep, etc.
deploy with the symlink replacement trick (atomic mv)
outstanding article on how browsers work
Mark Russinovich
shortcutfoo - practice keyboard tasks with common software
django site maintenance
django site maintenance
django site maintenance using fabric and apache -- looks good at first glance
django admin tool - build an admin dashboard
PUNCH static site generator
html editable content/css
list effects
pushover -- python send notifications to mobile clients - looks good
supervisor - unix process control system
py2app - create standalone os-x applications from python source
GPG - good example with Python on Salty Crane
logging_tree -- introspect the Python logging hierarchy
duplifinder duplicate photo finder
duplicity - bandwidth efficient encrypted backup
clippy for any website
free ssl certificates
good django tips
python phone number formatter/parser
django-blog-zinnia nice Django based blog
bootstrap applied to django admin
favorite python libraries
wind32api in javascript
win32api in javascript
decent domain name registrar
pixel based websites
music theory for normal people
bootstrap modal dialog javascript
serve django static pages efficiently
django compressor
javascript infovis graphics toolkit
apple-like slideshow gallery
in-field labels jquery plugin
javascript news ticker
unheap - huge collection of jquery plugins,-css,-dom-and-selenium-the-rosetta-stone/
xpath css dom cheatsheet
protovis graphic visualization javascript
replacement for protovis - javascript visualization
python networkx network visualization
good complicated scrapy scraping example
python fake image generator
Piwik - open source real time web analytics
home gunsmithing
python link checker
python link checker
machinechop instructions
neat cnc site
ar-15 parts good place
home machinist
alertify - neat javascript messages/alerts, very neat logging
brwoseemall - cross browser testing
status.js - check your website for broken links with jQuery
bootstrap the Django admin
use bootsrap for wireframing
font icons for bootstrap
jogging holster concealed carry
google maps draw radius
google map tools
usanodizing firearms guns refinish
open source CAD
open source python CNC
open source CAD
free 2D drafting software, autocad compatible
open source 3D modeler, python scripting
open source 2D drafting, isometric
open source 3D modeling
DMPS 308 lower dimensioned plans
another python-based static website generator, uses django templates, seems nice
twilio competitor - setup free account
good tool source, ER40 MT3 collet chuck
wholesale tool
machinery tools
new and used machinery and tooling
cnc cookbook
jquery masonry - replacement for CSS floats
django pure pagination
infinite scroll
karma - wifi hotspot - 1GB for 4
D3 tutorial hacker site
django payment processing
share google analytics dashboard
secret splitter - requires two of three specified people to unlock password
accept bitcoin on your website
bootstrap clone / flatstrap / - good prototype corporate web site
django treebeard - tree library for django
django mptt - modified preorder tree traversal
open source web analytics
scalable realtime graphing
recordstream - commandline tool to slice/dice/extract/sort JSON records
impossible to delete cookie, including source code
mobile and web analytics - you keep all your data
test any browser from any system
ad-hoc python for graphite UI graphs
pycoder_s weekly
simple python HTTP module
navigation and scripting for PhantomJS
convert content at any URL to PDF using webkit
example of how to use wkhtmltopdf
easy to use http lib for python
how trackable is your browser
browserspy - how much info does your browser reveal
logstalgia - visualize apache log file activity
what really happens with the Django development server
browser python
open source javascript analytics
arborjs javascript graph visualization
make bootstrap look decent quickly
wrap bootstrap - bootstrap themes
neat SEO website analyzer service
seo spider tool
survey of SEO tools - a few good ones
firebase real-time collaborative cloud data
semantic versioning
very neat responsive table
very neat responsive table
intro to web typography
dynamic form progress - urges users to complete the form
jquery fundamentals javascript intro
minimal circular buttons with just CSS - nice
open source time tracking
clicky -- very nice web analytics - ability to whitelabel
good article on SEO
extremely interesting catholic intellectual - review of his book
how clothing / ties announce the seriousness of our work. this seems like an excellent site - conservative catholic
intercollegiate studies institute - free membership for students
AWS command line interface
excellent catholic site
raw datasets from the government
crockford javascript
open source mapping ios and android
latency numbers every programmer should know
sikuli - visual technology to automate and test graphical user interfaces using screenshot images
equalize the height or width of elements
convert to PDF using webkit
control the finder from the command line
DNS info
good Flask tutorials
Django 1.4 documentation contents
best of 2012 for designers - javascript, css, etc.
FreeCAD open source 3D modeller, os-x, pythyon
python to create NC code for milling machine
openscad - programmers 3D solid modeller
OpenSCAD tutorials
OpenSCAD for Python
pySCAD - Parametric Python CAD
math inspired CAD, haskell as a programming language
openscad introspection via implicitcad
openscad cheatsheet
autocad clone
regex visualizer - javascript
vagrant - development environment builder
convert motorola c123 into a full-blown cellular base station
small hobby tools
nice HK 45 holster
Most remote shell - very good with SSH
nice open source in-browser/java editor for LaTeX, etc., also used for 2D CAD
water jet cutting service in Austin
eMachineShop machine custom parts online
fonts for engraving
Ponoko online 3D make stuff
model engineer workshop
home model engine machinist
shafts, motors, drives, belts, pulleys
reasonably priced lead screws for machiners, cnc
cool guy gear - stuff that could be made and sold
cnc project ideas
gravograph -- engravable plastic/aluminum panels for awesome lettering
ncn4pc diy cnc parts
cnc parts
stepper/servos for cnc, screws, guides, couplings, ...
moglice - use to re-line lathe ways, mill quills, recalibrate/rebuild machines
commerce grinding - Dallas - can grind anything
The elements of typographic style applied to the web
tufte-latex style for latex
hardware security module for Amazon AWS
intro to D3
protomold rapid injection molded parts
projects in metal
hobby machinist
machining a ar15 receiver on cnc
entire series - milling ar15 on cnc mill
telemarketer screen box
zero backlash cnc
interesting tooling rebuild info
anti-backlash gears
pycam cnc toolpath generator in python
automation direct - good source of motors, electrical/electronic, cnc, plc, etc.
applied industrial technologies - motion control, linear motion
stepper info and sizing
Fortal / 7075 aluminum stock discount
grbl g-code interpreter for arduino
python interface to grbl
decent ballscrew prices
cheap steppers
stepper motor info - lots of it
good cnc conversion info with part numbers
django simple history
ballscrew supplier
1w blue laser
good source of digitized books, esp. machinery
open source induction heater
lathe reference site
websockets via animated gifs
very fine cnc bench mill
electronic trigger for 10-22
suprlus electronics
surplus equipment and electronics
openSCAD in javascript for browsers. also shows how to caclulate bounding box (size) of part(s)
CAD part library usable by openSCAD
good openSCAD tutorials
generic usb hid - kit to build arbitrary HID for usb - good for CNC, etc.
how to import STL into openSCAD
gun thread adapters - oil filter silencers
tools supply
flexible arms
free machinery books and plans
houston anodizing service
polyurethane way wipers
clausing/colchester spare parts houston
source of AR receiver forgings
ar forging 0
apparently will sell AR forgings
discount bulk aluminum - lloks goog
austin aluminum / metals
ar15 broaching service
lockhart,tx machining/broaching
fredericksburg,tx broaching?,_Mi.html
houston broaching svc
ar15 boraching
good machine shop tips/guides, including alibre cad intro
iphone/ipad dro
CAM software with 30day trial
python based toolpath generator
ar15 from delrin, 2-part AR lower like my idea
firearms files
magicprefs - tweak magic mouse for CAD, etc.
laser engraver in dallas
san antonio firearm engraving
Elishewitz knives - new braunfels
professional anodizing for firearms
NFA association
6061 vs. 7075 uppers
cnc machines AR magazines - sweet
very nice mfg writeup on their billet AR lowers
python heeksCNC toolpath generation
another free cad for os-x
meshcam DOS CAM looks pretty neat, 30 day demo, inexpensive
pointers to hobbyist CAD/CAM software
network service for the internet of things
python script to connect to COSM (internet of things)
replace broken dehumidifer controller with AVR Atmega
afrefs backlinks checker
django backup
django monetize - display ads and affiliates
django banner rotater
yarde metals - source for 7075 billet
facebook privacy
draftsight info
AR15 magwell broaching
software used in making ar15
virtualbox - how to expand disk size
beautiful photos of machine tools and how to use them
sms api and service
readysim short-term cell sim, sms, no registration
m2m website (machine to machine communications)
prepaid MVNO blog
site to change APN on iphone (access point name) for cell data
geosurg geo proxy service
adult traffic source
peerfly offers incentive driven ad network
ss7 tutorial
online mobile payments
lnp lookup
bulk sms
telestax open source telecom smsc, ussd, ss7, etc.
routesms bulk sms, hlr lookup, etc.
sms gateway
sms gateway
hlr lookup
great example site - online hlr lookup
the art of manliness
the art of manliness
twilio competitor, billing number lookup
sms cloud service
online pbx
good HW hacking site
carambola2 wrt clone, superlow power consumption
ss7 access
ss7 access
ss7 access
ss7 access
ss7 access
ss7 access
spydialer find out who owns a phone
cell phone list seller
interesting site analyzes web pages, stats, ranking, backlinks, etc.
backlinkchecker, site explorer
open site explorer - site analysis
open secure telephony
emulating usb devices with python
django consultants
storing django images on amazon S3
testdisk disk and file recovery software oss
testdisk disk and file recovery software oss
cursive writing lessons
seemingly good price pharmaceutial discount coupons
ntfs-3g for os-x
mozilla open source furniture
textcleaner - cleanup scanned receipts prior to ocr
article on cleaning receipt scans for better ocr
realtime flight radar
nddguru -- disk nerds
excellent videos on HDD recovery
free OSS for HDD low-level diagnostics
seagate firmware update for daves drive
seagate firmware update for daves drive
seagate firmware update for daves drive
new replacement PCBs for HDDs, will copy/install your data
austin, tx police incident reports with addresses
geodjango example using open data, like austins open data
texas open data catalog
searchable texas datbases
online not free access to public data
law regarding sale of texas drivers license info
COSM distributed sensornet cloud monitoring
interesting network for publically accessible internet devices IoT
DIY UAVs for cyberwarfare
mini gsm localizer without GPS
open source electronics projects
Free42 decent OSS HP RPN emulator for OS-X
RFduino -- enables easy creation of bluetooth remote devices
RFduino -- enables easy creation of bluetooth remote devices
9 personal micro UAV with streaming video
news on miniPCs
usb computer plugs in to TV, control via ios/android app
collecting your own aerial data
.22LR electronic ignition system
ghost towns
keychain teargas gun
mini vibration motors, including spec for intensity
good candidate for vibration motor
solid edge rental
purchase student versions of software
purchase student versions of software
purchase student versions of software
free student version of Solid Edge
solid edge intro training
solid edge training site
solid edge training site
firstcut online quotes for CNC parts
good hdd disk repair videos
transcranial electronic stimulation
free cam software
cad/cam for granite countertops
free 3d home design software
CAD/CAM workflow
freecad tutorial
autocad tutorials
geodjango google maps example
python geocoding library
hardwood lumber supply austin
hardwood lumber supply austin
interesting personal consulting site
number portability lookup HLR
python address geocoder and address corrector
google maps and local search api in python
django google maps api v3 and static maps api helper
isometric graph paper
seagate hdd firmware download
seagate hdd firmware download
disk firmware site
how-to make custom freedos image
interesting source for cheap bulk plastic/glass containers
new empty plastic oil bottles
new empty plastic oil bottles,0&0&0&0&0&0&0&76&0&0&list&0&0,1
very cheap glass jars
cheap plastic jars
glass jars
army surplus containers
american science and surplus
clear plastic bottles
possible good choice for plastic bolt holder
plastic peanut butter jars
neat high bandwidth SDR hardware cheap
openOCD open source on chip debugger JTAG
Observe Hack Modify - hacker seminar
hacker conference
hacker conference
event studio - GSM, SIP, ISUP, IMS, H.323 call flows - event diagrams
HLR lookup service
DarkReading - blog of security related issues
MIT Media Lab - HighLowTech DIY cell phone
OpenBTS Cell station based on RaspberryPi
arduino cell phone
open hardware facilitator
open sprinkler project
shodan -- seach for devices connected to internet
hvlp guns
nice consulting website
duplicate keys by photo
secret life of SIM cards
Android emulator that can communicate with live SIM cards. Run on OSX, Linux
misc SMS hack
python control of remote GBD debugger for mbed
irongeek hacking site
APDU SIM card message sniffer
solenoid design page
homebuilt gatling gun forum
solidworks mouse optimization
solidworks training site, $20/mo, looks good, free trial
solidworks 2010 virtualbox windows tiny 7
design modelling cardboard prototypes/models good stuff
motorola firmware download site, manuals, tech ref, etc.
motorola cell modding site
site with pinouts of all kinds of devices
misc gsm hacking
how to interpret sleepyhead data
free CAM software along with non-free versions
bandsaw parts
metal shaping guru
home made tools
surplus electronics parts
big brother system/network monitor
example about us for small consulting company including clients partners
open souce network mon directory
interesting note on drugn interactions
lucid dream monitor, openeeg, sensors
arboga mill info
solarized for emacs
browser feature detection library
modernizr - detect browser features
phantomjs - full web stack without a browser - selenium alternative
HECM counselors info
seemingly reputable reverse mortgage site
os-x scroll reverser -- allows each device to have its own scroll direction
steermouse -- 3rd party os-x mouse customization
good linkedin tip site
interesting site to search for photos on web
used audio site
machinist blog
sells lister aircompressors
possible clasps for bertolucci watch band
traditional catholic retreat
scientific suply
GSM system ID numbers
Dripping Springs guy that restores mcintosh amps
2340r belt
tetra matches disabled with engineers who want to help them
call recording service for ios
phone call recorder
texas self storage association -- good reference
interesting article on personal dna testing
storage unit legal articles
C25K running program - couch to 5K
remote bluetooth cellphone ringer
diy bluetooth module
interesting timesheet / time tracking system
time tracking, invoicing, project management
interesting hosted pdb with lots of features
interesting hosted pdb with lots of features
cloud security consulting
one of my hlr lookup accounts
Catholic classics -- books online
mr. home chemist
interesting flash variants
ask a scientist
treat iphone as disk, replace itunes
Selector Gadget -- cool way to get CSS selector paths from a page
pjscrape - javascript scraper framework
http user agent site
phonegap - converts html5/javascript into iphone app
making an iphone app with html5 only
sdr signal analyzer using cheap dongle - neat
ATF regulations online
good looking GSM shield/kit with detailed documentation in a wiki
free gps tracking online
parts for repair of vintage electronics, mcintosh caps, etc.
mcintosh parts
antique electronic parts
vintage amp rebuilder
reel to reel forum
measure pupillary distance pd online
turntable site
technics sl-1000a site
fix for sl-1000a speed variation
555 AC timer circuit
AT&T LNP handbook procedures including contacts
proxytunnel - get to any net from any net
online investigative systems
pagunblog good CNC AR stuff
Clayton Cramer
FirstData documentation
evercookie - almost forever persistent cookie source
css history knocker
tracking visitors with cached http redirects
use google analytics to track what code people copy from your page
quick clickjack generator code
motion - software motion detector
very cool raspberrypi secure video motion detector
1911 cnc stuff
how to string pearls gateway django
django merchant - cc processing gateway support
satchless - satchmo replacement
oscar - domain driven django ecommerce - possible satchmo replacement
oscar - domain driven django ecommerce - possible satchmo replacement
djangoCMS ecommerce
potentially interesting card service provider
hacking transcend wifi cards, which run linux
more hacking the transcend wifi card
linuxcnc for beaglebone - with hard real-time
Keith Fenner - Turn Wright Machine Works - outstanding machine shop videos
arboga mill
arboga parts
bed wipers
gits ball valve oiler for lathe
cheap humidity sensor
python script to stitch scanned images together
hugin panoramic photo stitcher
plans for optical center finder camera for mill;view=1up;seq=1
American History - Stephenson
Hathi Trust - digital online library similar to gutenberg, maybe better
Louisiana Technology Council
interesting internet name search
jtagulator - find JTAG testpoints on any device
mcmillan merchant solutions - cc processing for ffls
the internet of things -- place for devices to talk to
the internet of things -- place for devices to talk to
simple device to communicate to internet of things
CC processor for small business
time tracking and invoicing
online invoicing
open source CAD/CAM toolchain
GIT branching model
mixpanel web analytics platform - free for small users
Django class-based-view decoder -- info necessary to easily modify class based views
walking tour clinton, la.
La. DOTD parish maps
Louisiana cemetery board, including AG rulings
Django Suit - Bootstrapped admin for Django -- very nice looking, with extensions
embedded WYSIWIG text editor embeddable in web pages, works with django-suit
embedded WYSIWIG text editor embeddable in web pages, works with django-suit, FOSS
Django crispy forms -- super configurable - DRY - forms allowing extensive customization without editing templates
nanode - internet of things device to connect anything to the internet for 0
weightless -- chip, radio, 10km range, connect to the net
weightless -- chip, radio, 10km range, 10 year battery life, connect to the net
PHP genealogy site builder
hints for using Apple os-x dictate
CAN bus hardware, python interface
FUSE filesystem in Python
40-400v 2W power supply plans
interesting cross platform UI for python
python cloud computing resource
used wheels Austin
good triangle solver
various types of printable graph and other paper
blu-board - bluetooth home control relay
getting shell on any android device (toorcon)
lightboard - lighted clear whiteboard for writing towards students and recording
guy has a decent series of knife making videos 1-7. kind of crude, but good overview
accentuate jawline in portraits, selfies
portrait tip - scuinch
logical fallacies
the Arc language - lisp-like, built on top of scheme
how bank transfers work
$5.00 solid state relay for 110v outlet
surplus center - discount motors and hydraluics
micropython - board and embedded software - neat embedded device
common crawl info - 102TB archive of 2B web pages
three felonies a day
John Doe privacy - check browser for privacy leaks
use bitcoin backchain to certify document content
using R to analyze Facebook graphs
FlowUp label - javascript code to make label move out of way on focus
LED streetlights and their opportunities
good article on networking and party etiquette, non-creepy
electrical and electronics surplus
replacing capacitors in old equipment
antique electronic supply
learn crypto by solving challenges via email -- looks excellent
very nice sample consulting website
El Paso Tube Amps - repairs vintage amplifiers
submarine cable map
magnificent page on all there is to know about 3 phase wiring -- pole to plug
unbelievably fast and stable quadcopter
good source for sanding belts and supplies
good source for sanding belts and supplies
austin tx blacksmithing info and lessons
how to run AWS equivalent yourself
120 traffic generation case studies
seemingly the best FOSS disqus replacement -- also, written in python
super cheap $4/mo virtual hosting with ssh access
explain a shell command - auto decoder
fred's imagemagick scripts
ongoing arboga cnc conversion
DIY hearing aid
slick deals - online repository of deals and coupons
makernotes exif tag for notes
apparently good FOSS photo management software - stores all data about photo in image metadata
chemical supply
convtroversial chemical site
IT security conference, hacking
computer based social engineering tools
louisiana mayhaw association
color matching tool
source of micarta
soldering supply
marine engine parts diagrams
discount boat motot parts
diy pest control
let me google that for you
pyro supplies and chemicals
37mm reloading
wildlife control pyro
psych central professional
diy tube amps and repairs
javascript embedded microcontroller
mcintosh service austin tx
pretty sweet arduino compatible uController with internet api
online circuit simulation and editing
online college courses
apparent reverse lookup for USA
show about banksy
awesome surplus electronics and military
design circuits in python with Migen, generates verilog code