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These aren't blog posts though, on the surface, they may appear to be. The notes on this site have not been subjected to the subject selection, structure, proofreading, and attention to detail necessary for a quality blog post. Rather, these are entries in a lab notebook, contemporaneous, messy, and unstructured. They reflect whatever I happen to be working on at the time that I want to document and make available for easy access. They are here primarily for me; if they happen to be useful to you, so much the better.

Culling Duplicate Photos with rmlint

I have twenty-five years worth of old personal hard drives that I wish to scour for photos and videos that should be preserved prior to destroying the drives. In searching for tools to assist me in this effort, I ran across rmlint1, fim2, and fdupes3.

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FreeNAS with SMB, AFP, and TimeMachine

These are notes on how I setup SMB and AFP shares on FreeNAS 11. The key to successful use of both in an Apple environment is to use AFP only for Time Machine backups and to use SMB for everything else. I was unable to make the two protocols coexist under any other configuration 1. This is really not so bad, as Apple has been migrating towards the exclusive use of SMB for some time. These notes describe how to:

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Johnson City Network Configuration

These are my notes on the design and configuration of my home network. They aren’t expected to be of value to anyone other than me. Note that I’m new to MikroTik, so it’s very possible that there are multiple better ways of doing what I’ve done here.

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