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This isn't a blog and the content here is not blog posts. Rather, these are random notes I've taken that I've chosen to make public for ease of reference. If you stumble across them and find them helpful, that's great, however, compelling reading and thoughtful prose are not to be found here.

Web Development Setup on macOS

This is a simple way to configure a macOS system for web development. It allows one to develop multiple sites locally, without reconfiguring anything when changing sites/customers.

There are two key components to the strategy: dnsmasq and the httpd daemon's configuration.

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Culling Duplicate Photos with rmlint

I have twenty-five years worth of old personal hard drives that I wish to scour for photos and videos that should be preserved prior to destroying the drives. In searching for tools to assist me in this effort, I ran across rmlint1, fim2, and fdupes3.

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FreeNAS with SMB, AFP, and TimeMachine

These are notes on how I setup SMB and AFP shares on FreeNAS 11. The key to successful use of both in an Apple environment is to use AFP only for Time Machine backups and to use SMB for everything else. I was unable to make the two protocols coexist under any other configuration 1. This is really not so bad, as Apple has been migrating towards the exclusive use of SMB for some time. These notes describe how to:

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