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These aren't blog posts though, on the surface, they may appear to be. The notes on this site have not been subjected to the subject selection, structure, proofreading, and attention to detail necessary for a quality blog post. Rather, these are entries in a lab notebook, contemporaneous, messy, and unstructured. They reflect whatever I happen to be working on at the time that I want to document and make available for easy access. They are here primarily for me; if they happen to be useful to you, so much the better.

GNU Emacs Reference

I sat down recently to spend the afternoon making a customized cheatsheet for GNU Emacs. I ended up spending more time on this project than I'd like to admit, but I am pleased with the results. This note provides links to LaTeX source and PDF output

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Web Development Setup on OS-X

Here is a simple way to configure an OS-X system for web development. It allows one to develop multiple sites locally, without reconfiguring anything when changing sites/customers.

There are two key components to the strategy: dnsmasq and the httpd daemon's configuration.

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Gnu Emacs With Server Mode on OS-X

I have used the Emacs for Mac OS-X distribution of Gnu Emacs for years and have been quite pleased with it. Emacs' server-mode is great in that it makes for very fast load times and it allows sharing buffer contents, kill rings, etc., between windows. However, I found it a little tricky to get it working perfectly on OS-X. These are my notes on how to install and configure it so that server-mode works correctly on OS-X.

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Print an Agenda from the OS-X Calendar

I have no idea what Apple has to make it so difficult to simply print a list of scheduled appointments from a calendar. Do some googling - you'll quickly figure out that a simple and acceptable way really doesn't exist. For example, if one simply does a Print->Scheduled Events for the next six months, Apple kindly prints an entry for every single day over the next six months, whether or not the day has an appointment. I don't want to print ten pages simply to get a list of the five appointments in the next six months that I have on a particular calendar.

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