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GNU Emacs Reference

I sat down recently to spend the afternoon making a customized cheatsheet for GNU Emacs. I ended up spending more time on this project than I'd like to admit, but I am pleased with the results. This note provides links to LaTeX source and PDF output

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Web Development Setup on OS-X

Here is a simple way to configure an OS-X system for web development. It allows one to develop multiple sites locally, without reconfiguring anything when changing sites/customers.

There are two key components to the strategy: dnsmasq and the httpd daemon's configuration.

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OS-X, 'Open With', and emacsclient

Because I've configured my GNU emacs to automatically run in daemon mode I wish to 'use' emacs by running emacsclient exclusively. But emacsclient isn't an OS-X 'app' which means that I can't double click on a file to open it with emacsclient. It also means that I can't use the 'Open With' menu to edit a file via emacsclient. Here is how to resolve those issues.

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Gnu Emacs With Server Mode on OS-X

I have used the Emacs for Mac OS-X distribution of Gnu Emacs for years and have been quite pleased with it. Emacs' server-mode is great in that it makes for very fast load times and it allows sharing buffer contents, kill rings, etc., between windows. However, I found it a little tricky to get it working perfectly on OS-X. These are my notes on how to install and configure it so that server-mode works correctly on OS-X.

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Print an Agenda from the OS-X Calendar

I have no idea what Apple has to make it so difficult to simply print a list of scheduled appointments from a calendar. Do some googling - you'll quickly figure out that a simple and acceptable way really doesn't exist. For example, if one simply does a Print->Scheduled Events for the next six months, Apple kindly prints an entry for every single day over the next six months, whether or not the day has an appointment. I don't want to print ten pages simply to get a list of the five appointments in the next six months that I have on a particular calendar.

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email via the command line on OS-X

I needed to email cron job output from my OS-X machine to off-site recipients. To do this, I had to configure the OS-X Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), postfix, to route outgoing mail through a working SMTP server, in this case, GMail. These are my notes about how to configure this on OS-X Yosemite 10.10.3.

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