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This isn't a blog and the content here is not blog posts. Rather, these are random notes I've taken that I've chosen to make public for ease of reference. If you stumble across them and find them helpful, that's great, however, compelling reading and thoughtful prose are not to be found here.

email via the command line on OS-X

I needed to email cron job output from my OS-X machine to off-site recipients. To do this, I had to configure the OS-X Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), postfix, to route outgoing mail through a working SMTP server, in this case, GMail. These are my notes about how to configure this on OS-X Yosemite 10.10.3.

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240 Volt Notes

These are notes about deciphering the particulars about the 240V Service in my workshops so that I could wire a new piece of equipment.

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Extending the Filetypes Supported by Quicklook

Apple's QuickLook is a great service. I have grown to rely upon it a great deal during my daily work. Strangely, Apple seems to have reduced the number of content types that QL can render in Mavericks (e.g., flv), but that's another topic. This note describes how to get QuickLook to display the contents of unknown files as text.

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Using Multiple jQuery Versions with Django

In an emergency situation, I needed to quickly add a small popup dialog to a Django site. I wanted to use jQueryUI, but it required a newer jQuery than the one included with my version of Django. This note describes what I did to get two versions of jQuery to co-exist and get the job done.

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Install SystemRescueCD on USB Stick under OS-X

I needed a bootable FreeDOS USB stick. It's a bit of a problem to make on OS-X for a number of reasons that I'll skip. I discovered that FreeDOS is included in the SystemRescueCD (SRCD) (which I wanted a copy of anyway), so I decided to make a bootable SRCD USB stick instead. Here's what I did:

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Reinstalling Canon EOS Software on OS-X

I purchased a Canon EOS Digital Rebel many, many, years ago. It came with some great software that allows you to control the camera from your PC, handle their RAW format, their photo organizer, etc. The problem that I encountered recently is that all of the software, while compatible with OS-X, per-se, is for the PowerPC architecture. Since Rosetta has been dropped from OS-X (I'm still on 10.7), you can no longer use PPC binaries and, consequently, the Canon software won't install.

What to do?

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