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These aren't blog posts though, on the surface, they may appear to be. The notes on this site have not been subjected to the subject selection, structure, proofreading, and attention to detail necessary for a quality blog post. Rather, these are entries in a lab notebook, contemporaneous, messy, and unstructured. They reflect whatever I happen to be working on at the time that I want to document and make available for easy access. They are here primarily for me; if they happen to be useful to you, so much the better.

Using Pandoc with Problematic UTF-8 Files

I recently used pandoc to convert some html files to reST. Initially, there were numerous errors about invalid characters. Here is the brute-force solution I arrived at to get the job done while attempting to reasonably convert offending characters into something reasonable.

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Converting MS Word DOCX Document to reStructuredText

A client has a substantial body of written work that began life as MS Word documents. They also created many derivative documents in various formats (including HTML, PDF, Dreamweaver, MS Front Page, etc.) for different use cases. Our recommendation was that, going forward, they should create content once, in a canonical format, from which they could generate documents in whatever format they need(HTML, PDF, etc.). That subject is beyond the scope of this note. This note is focused on a quick and dirty method to access their assets in MS Word format and convert them into something more widely useful.

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Satchmo Questions

This note grew out of questions that went unanswered as I pushed through my first Satchmo install. Or, more accurately, it documents the questions that I had and still have. Rather than let them clutter and muddy my install notes, I have moved them here.

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This site is built with the uikit framework and the nikola static blog/site generator and its associated lanyon theme. I particularly enjoy using nikola and find the lanyon theme to be clean, simple, and easy to read.

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