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GNU Emacs Reference

I sat down recently to spend the afternoon making a customized cheatsheet for GNU Emacs. I ended up spending more time on this project than I'd like to admit, but I am pleased with the results. This note provides links to LaTeX source and PDF output

I had wanted to make a simple three column landscape format that could span multiple pages. Something not too different than the standard GNU Emacs refcard. In researching refcards, I discovered that all of the three column cards, and many of the others, very precisely defined the contents of each column and each page. That's reasonable if you are working with content that isn't going to change, and it does product information dense refcards.

But I expect this refcard to change over time. I'd much prefer to simple drop in new commands/topics and have the layout handled for me -- painstakingly adjusting column and page content each time I change something wasn't an option.

I did a fair amount of research and was unable to find any way to generate three column tables that span multiple pages in LaTeX. I was, however, able to generate two colun tables that span multiple pages, with column content dynamically determined. Two dynamic columns in portrait mode won out over three static columns in landscape; it wasn't much of a contest.

My reference is a little different than what I usually see in that it provides more context in certain areas than a pure cheatsheet (like the GNU Emacs refcard). I don't know that it's any better, in general, but it is more useful to me and I think it may be of use to others.

The first version of my reference isn't complete, but it's in good shape and definitely useful, so I decided to release a copy. I'll publish updates here.

The reference is available in both PDF and TeX formats.