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Ford F150 Painting Notes


Color is Oxford White. Paint code is YZ. There is another, different, Oxford White with paint code Z1. Z1 says "clear coat". Is it possible they are the same color but that YZ is single stage (no clear coat) paint and Z1 is a two stage (requires clear coat)?

Decided to use single stage acrylic urethane. It's a 13 year old truck - I'm not looking for a car show finish - I'm looking for something respectable, not noticable as being a DIY paint job, but that's about it. Two stage with clearcoat would be prettier, but it is much more work and it might look out of place with the rest of the truck. Also, the acrylic urethane uses a hardener, so it cures. Enamel is less expensive, but less durable also. Realistically, this paint only needs to last 1-3 years, the remaining life of the truck.

Probably source paint from

Restoration Shop Acrylic Urethane Single Stage. Two components: AU color, AU4001 hardener. * pot life 2.5 to 3 hours * primer: KEP expoxy primer/sealer, KUP urethane primer, KPP polyester primer

Recommended prep: KW901 grease & wax remover, sand 150 then 320, KW901 again, KEP over bare metal.

Painting * 2-3 medium wet coats until full hiding achieved * dry times: 2 hours tack free, 6 hours to tape, 16 hours to recoat


  • does their oxford white match mine?
  • does 16 hours to recoat mean wait 16 hours before next coat?


AU1117-KIT-M $109.96 (1)
1 gallon Oxford White, 1 quart hardener, 5 190 micron strainers, 5 mixing sticks
KIT-KEP507-GL $139.96 (0)
1 gallon KEP507 white DTM expoxy primer, 2 quarts KEP502 DTM primer hardener
KIT-KEP507-QT $49.96 (2)
1 quart KEP507 white DTM expoxy primer, 1 pint KEP502 DTM primer hardener
KW901-GL $23.96 (1)
1 gallon grease and wax remover
KUS 908-12 $9.96
12 pack - 1/2 pint mixing cup
KUS 908L $0.19 (12)
Lid for 1/2 pint mixing cup
KUS 132-25 $3.16
9 inch paint mixing stick

Masking tape


Thin visqueen

Air filter

paint gun

cup liners


gun cleaning kit

ketchup spray/squeeze bottle


Other Notes


I will be repainting both front fenders, grill, and the bumper cover.

The fenders are replacement fenders which came pre-primed (some sort of black paint). They were repainted with Dupli-Color rattle can paint, which was then clear coated. It now looks like crap, so I will repaint. There is no damage to the fenders and there is no need for any filler / body-work.

The bumper cover and grill are plastic.

The goal is to end up with something that is not embarrasing to drive; I am not shooting for a showroom finish. Ideally, it will be good enough that nobody will really notice it as being repainted.


Remove bumper cover and grill. May try to remove existing paint with either laquer thinner or some other solvent. It is in such bad shape that it can't be painted over. Will ultimately sand with 320 grit sandpaper. There should be no "white" paint left.


Enamels are the cheapest, but the consensus is that, unless you are trying to match an old enamel finish, they are inferior to any of the newer paints. So, don't use enamel. The downside is that enamel appears to be the easiest and most forgiving to use.

One stage (just paint, no clearcoat needed) or two stage (colored base paint, followed by clear coat)? Two stage is probably the prettiest/best, but more work and cost than one stage. Also, one stage will probably match the existing paint more closely. Choose one-stage paint.

One part or two part paint? One part paint actually dries (evaporation of volatile components). Two part paint cures (instead of dries); it gets hard due to chemical reaction caused by adding hardener to the paint. Two part seems like it will be ready the fastest and I suspect is less sensitive to humidity. Choose two part paint.

Requirements: - not enamel - one stage - two part

Also, to insure adhesion, it is important to use matching components. Ideally, all should be from the same manufacturer.


It looks like I will use Restoration Shop Acrylic Urethane. It is rumored to be private labelled PPG. Regardless, it is about the cheapest I can find and it has a substantial amount of prositive comments in different forums.

Oxford White Gallon Kit Single Stage Acrylic Urethane: $110

The application sheet for the paint is here:

The application sheet recommends the following primers: - KEP Expoxy Primer / Sealer - Kustom Shop KUP Urethane Primer - Kustom Shop KFP Hi-Build 2K Primer Surfacer - Kustom Shop KPP Polyester Primer - Kustom Shop KL611 Old School Acrylic Laquer Primer

Custom Shop Quart White Polyester Primer Surfacer Max Fill Surfacer $32 Only 30 minute pot life. Must be sanded. Probably don't want to use this -- there is too much potential for spray gun problems.

Custom Shop Quart White Direct to Metal Epoxy Primer $32 Mix 2 parts KEP 507 Primer to 1 part KEP 502 Hardener. Therefore, this is actually 1.5 quarts of paint when mixed. Custom Shop Pint Expoxy Hardener $18

Same as above, but 1 Gallon $90 $30

Custom Shop Gallon Grease and Wax Remover $23

Spray Guns

TCP Global 1.4mm 4.2-7.1 CFM $33

HF 1.4mm 6 CFM $16

$20 HD 1.4mm 4.2-6 CFM (must order online, deliver to store) $20 Amazon Prime

$12 Water Separator

organic paint cartridges sandpaper tape thinner/cleaner bags for paint cup regulator