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This site is built with the uikit framework and the nikola static blog/site generator and its associated lanyon theme. I particularly enjoy using nikola and find the lanyon theme to be clean, simple, and easy to read.

Prior to 2017, the site was built with skeleton, but, in a fit of poor judgement, I converted the site to uikit. Not that there's anything wrong with uikit; it's just far more than this trivial site needs. Skeleton loaded about 1.5K of assets where uikit loads 300K+.

Notes About the Nikola Configuration

Nikola is primarily designed to be a static blog generator, though it can generate standalone pages as well. I had a custom root index.html that I wanted to use on the site. In the default configuration, Nikola would overwrite that. To get around this, I did the following:

  1. Placed the custom index.html in files/. At build time, index.html will be copied to output/index.html.
  2. By default, the index.html for generated posts is placed the in the root of the site. To avoid this overwriting my custom index, in, I set 'INDEX_PATH = "posts"'. This forces the index.html for posts to be placed in output/posts rather than output.